19 December 2011

Say “Yes” to Green Innocence

Tragedies and Accidents Just Happen*

Iambic trimeters just fell into my lap
as, like an ancient theatre-piece, some great mishap
occurred: “asylum-seekers” found themselves at sea
and wondered, “How did we get here?  A mystery!
A little while ago the family was home,
then, suddenly, we’re drowning in this briny foam.”
Calamities just happen, misadventures too,
and Sarah Hanson-Young sees nothing she need do;
she’ll ever fault some other—Greens can never err—,
for tragedies will happen, accidents occur.

*  see  “Boat tragedy linked to smuggling mastermind”, by Peter Alford and Paul Maley, in The Australian:
As news of the disaster broke, former Labor leader Mark Latham took aim at the Greens and the Labor Left, saying the “so-called compassionate” approach of onshore processing was causing deaths at sea. “You can’t be compassionate and you can’t have a good heart, you can’t have a good soul, if you encourage people to get on boats that sink,’ Mr Latham told Sky’s Australian Agenda.
“And people just need to understand that the real compassionate policy is to stop the flow of the boats.”
Greens senator Sarah Hanson-Young yesterday stood by her party’s policies.  Pressed on whether the Greens accepted responsibility for the tragedy, Senator Hanson-Young said:  “Of course not.  Tragedies happen, accidents happen.”
†  The Greens, we know, will never take the blame for acts
    they wrought (nor will they recognise objective facts).

UPDATE I:  these verses were composed as a comment for Tim Blair’s post “Cared to Death” but only the title and the footnoted couplet were accepted.

UPDATE II (29 December):  see “Police State: It is now illegal to show asylum seekers [i.e., unlawful non-citizens seeking illegal entry] on Australian TV” at Wake up 2 the Lies.