24 November 2011

Say “Yes” to Pious Self-Censorship

Don’t Mention the Climate War

The Age must refuse
to allow its readers to
catch Climategate news.

Our ABC too
sees no point in allowing
alternative views.

The Age cannot risk its few remaining readers learning the truth behind the lies and scams and frauds perpetrated on behalf of “the cause” by pseudo-scientists.
See “Climategate II”.

(A Confession

I seldom peruse
papers, and The Age aint one
I’d normally choose.)

UPDATE (25 November)The Age has now addressed the latest scandal with, as we’d expect, the usual dismissive “taken out of context” exculpatory tosh.  Yes, it is so unfair to interpret clear evidence of perfidious, criminal malfeasance harshly; perhaps, then, The Age might care to provide some context for the The Team’s duplicities and deceits.  See also Climate Nonconformist’s “The Age: Nothing to see here” .

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