5 June 2011

Say “Yes” Rally Chants

“What do we want?”
“Exactly what the Government is doing!”
“What do we want changed?”
“Nothing, really; things are coming along nicely!”
“So, why are we here?”
“To say ‘No’ to carbon dioxide—it’s bad—, and ‘Yes’ to a tax which will devastate the economy unless the Prime Minister, her toadies, her pseudo-scientists, and her paid ‘experts’ are right when they claim that businesses won’t pass increased costs on to consumers!”
“Right.  So, when do we want that?”
“Um, in the fullness of time!  July, 2012!  Eventually!” 

One, two, three, four; the Government should tax us more!”
Five, six, seven, eight; we think a tax on air is great!”

“Give us no liberty!  We demand less say in how we’re governed!”
“We respectfully suggest that you pay no attention to us!”
“Taxation without representation!”

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