11 June 2011

Say “Yes” to Green Hypocrisy

The Australian Greens party, according to the Australian Greens, is like no other party; for example, according to the Members Handbook (p. 4), there is a code of ethics:
Greens aspire to a code of ethics that guides our behaviours.  We hope that new members will embrace these principles and enjoy the Green ‘spirit’.
We endeavour to be tolerant and respectful, avoiding demeaning behaviour towards any person or group. We value trustworthiness, sincerity and truth.
So, we might reasonably hope that Sen. Sarah Hanson-Young would behave rather ethically, valuing truth even if she can’t quite bring herself to be honest on such subjects as the fraudulent conjecture of catastrophic anthropogenic global warming.  Does she treat even those whom she regards as mistaken with tolerance and respect?  Does she, for instance, ensure that she makes no accusation of hypocrisy without first ensuring that she is fully aware of pertinent facts and that she quotes accurately and contextually?
Last Tuesday Sen. Hanson-Young posted an article on the Greens’ website, “Attack on campaign is hypocritical”, wherein she referred to some journalists, tolerantly and respectfully, as “News Ltd hacks” and claimed (inter alia):
Tony Abbott and his Coalition colleagues are being hypocritical because while they relish the chance to mock Ms Blanchett and actor Michael Caton for being part of the ‘Say Yes’ campaign, they don’t have any qualms with other wealthy Australians standing up for what they believe in.
Mr Abbott in question time last week ridiculed Ms Blanchett, saying “people who live in eco mansions have a right to be heard ... but their voice should not be heard ahead of the voice of the ordinary working people of this country.”
Mr Abbott, every Australian has the right to have their voices heard, regardless of whether they are working or unemployed, whether they are homeless or have a roof over their head.
Mr. Abbott had said:
People who live in eco-mansions have a right to be heard.  They really do.  People who are worth $53 million have a right to be heard, but their voice should not be heard ahead of the voice of the ordinary working people of this country.
It might seem that Mr. Abbott was expressing a very similar sentiment to that which Sen. Hanson-Young claims to support, yet she derides him as a hypocrite; it would seem that the Senator is the hypocrite.  Next, we may suppose, Hanson-Young will start accusing other politicians of having crazy eyes.

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